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What Happens in Our Body When We Stop Drinking Soft Drinks?

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What really happens in our body when we stop drinking soft drinks?

Advertisements seem to make soft drinks irresistible. They are everywhere trying to capture your attention and awaken your will to consume them.

Soft drinks are considered toxic drinks that do not provide any nutritional benefit to the body. It is not by chance that the drink is directly related to obesity due to its excess calories, even in the supposed diet versions.

But what happens in our body when we stop drinking soda?

Soft drinks can be harmful to health, as their consumption naturally leads to a decrease in the consumption of water and natural juices, which are essential for healthy nutrition and a balanced diet. In addition, the drink helps to reduce satiety, making you feel hungry all the time.

Excessive and long-term consumption of soft drinks brings disastrous results to the human body, such as: weight gain, fluid retention, reduced nutrient absorption, abdominal discomfort, reflux and insomnia when glue-based, bone demineralization (which can cause osteoporosis).

The consumption of soft drinks increases blood glucose levels and thus directly influences the onset of fatigue and problems with concentration and mental cognition.

Its chemical composition affects the hydration process of cells and reduces tissue oxygenation capacity. Therefore, when you stop drinking soft drinks, you will feel less tired and in a short time your physical and mental performance will be superior.

By cutting your life’s consumption of soft drinks, you will lose weight easily and steadily. Due to the large amount of sugar contained in soda, even in the supposed “zero” and “diets”, this ends up directly affecting your heart system and blood circulation.

With too much sugar in your bloodstream, your pancreas will trigger a much greater process of releasing insulin compared to a balanced diet.

Excess insulin in your body will increase your hunger and this will make you eat more, so the more you eat, the more fat you will gain.

Risk of developing cancer cells

Soda is a compound that contains the substance bisphenol-A or ABP, which disrupts the functions of the endocrine system and is associated with a high risk of cancer.

Bisphenol-A also causes infertility and precocious puberty. When you drink a carbonated and sweetened drink like this, in addition to ingesting the substance, you are also stimulating possible diseases such as cancer in your body.

Stronger teeth

Soft drinks do a great deal of harm to your teeth. The cola-based versions of the drink have phosphate in their composition and this substance can cause bone demineralization in your dental arch, causing serious wear on your teeth. This way, when you move away from that drink, you will have a much better oral health, besides a whiter smile.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be accompanied by several risk factors, being mainly caused by cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke. The high sodium content and high sugar levels in soft drinks can ultimately aggravate high blood pressure and diabetes. These are known diseases that attack the patient’s erectile function.

In summary, those who consume soft drinks are at twice the risk of suffering health problems compared to people who avoid their consumption.

How often do you drink soft drinks?

Isn’t it time for you to increase your consumption of water, juices and other beverages of natural origin?

Think about it and live healthier!

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