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Rainbow Veggie Kabobs

Vegetarian Raibow Skewers with different grilled vegetables. Vegan barbecue party menu!


Grilled Lemon Garlic Sauce

To prepare the kabobs for the barbecue, I generously brushed some President real Butter! It’s Organic rich spread on the two sides of the vegetables. It’s Organic is produced using genuine, straightforward fixings like a mix of plant-based oils, purged water and a touch of salt. It’s incredible for cooking, heating, and barbecuing!

Subsequent to covering each stick with the mellowed It’s Organic buttery spread, I sprinkled salt and pepper on top and set them in a foil skillet. The dish is only for conveying accommodation – you could utilize a plate also.

I warmed the barbecue to medium warmth and put each stick on the mesh. You should barbecue each side for 5-6 minutes – you will need a pleasant roast on the veggies and for them to soften. I likewise kept a little ramekin of It’s Organic close to me alongside my barbecue brush. I brushed more spread on top at times and let the dissolving spread dribble onto the coals.

It didn’t take long for the veggies to get firm on the edges and to mellow in the middle. I like a decent smash with my barbecued vegetables and you’ll get that here!

Once, you’ve arrived at the ideal temperature, the kabobs fall off the barbecue the barbecue the sticks proceed to maneuver into my foil dish. Time to make the sauce!

Grilled Lemon Garlic Sauce

Do you remember those barbecued lemons we stuck on the finish of the sticks? You would now be able to eliminate them from each stick and use them for the sauce!

Lemon Garlic Sauce is really simple to make and barbecuing the lemons ahead of time adds a pleasant smokiness.

You should simply relax some I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! It’s Organic spread, mince some garlic, and crush your barbecued lemons.

Add somewhat salt and pepper and you have the ideal plunging sauce for your barbecued veggie kabobs!

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